GOP Landslide:  North Carolina Finally Gets It

Sen. Thom Goolsby

It took North Carolinians 142 years, but they finally dispensed with their Democrat political masters in this past election.  Walter Dalton, the pandering Democratic gubernatorial candidate who promised every liberal group in the state anything they wanted, was soundly rejected.  Republicans picked up even more House and Senate seats in the General Assembly.  The GOP won every possible US Congressional seat (save Mike McIntyre’s which is still up in the air) and even Barack Hussein Obama lost the Tar Heel State in his reelection bid.

Just three short years ago, Democrats had North Carolina totally locked up.  They virtually owned the General Assembly and the now much-maligned Beverly Perdue reigned as Queen Bee in the Governor’s Mansion.  How things have changed!

What really happened? It’s simple — North Carolinians finally realized that they could not be taxed and regulated into prosperity.  Our state had been harder hit than most by the recession and voters took out their frustrations at the polls in the 2010 elections, installing Republican majorities in both the State House and Senate for the first time since the nineteenth century.

Republicans promised to cut state spending, balance the budget and reduce taxes.  A very strange thing happened that North Carolinians had rarely seen before.  Unlike the Democrats, who were long on promises and short on delivery, Republicans actually kept their word.

Bill after bill was passed reducing regulations, rightsizing government and cutting taxes.  The unpopular Democratic governor vetoed bill after bill. However, for the good of the people, Republicans, working with a few principled Democrats, overrode many of her vetoes.  There was finally a light at the end of the tunnel and the public sensed it.  Despite an unfriendly, critical, out-of-touch press and demagoging liberal Democrats, the people saw the possibility of a better future for the state.

Then the 2012 election cycle came. Democrats and their cronies on the Left gave it their all.  They cried that Republicans had destroyed education, cut out vital government services and were destroying the environment.  Further, they claimed “crazy” tea party activists were attempting to disenfranchise thousands of citizens with their push for a voter ID law.  The more mud the Democrats threw, the less it stuck.  The reason was simple: none of it was true and the people knew it in their collective gut.

Rather than cut education, Republicans had increased state spending on K-12 by 2.8% and North Carolina’s test scores and graduation rates reached all-time highs at the end of 2011.  Republicans provided more choice in education by removing the cap on charter schools.  Rather than cutting vital government services, Republicans were seen as responsible stewards who were reducing government waste and excessive regulations.  Citizens across the state, who for years have suffered from high energy costs, embraced GOP calls for harvesting natural gas and polls showed that 80+ percent of the population supported voter ID laws.

The result was another spanking for Democrats.  Now North Carolina is a solid RED state— ‘as red as a boiled lobster’ to quote a coastal friend.  Democrats were hammered everywhere they faced any real opposition.  It was the ideas that Republicans put forward that won the day — common sense over false promises, the truth over lies.

Now it is incumbent upon Republicans to deliver for the people of North Carolina.  Unless Obama totally wrecks the national economy, there will be no excuses for not doing so.  The electorate finally demonstrated its impatience with the shortcomings of the Democrats and will be far less patient and kind to the Republicans if they fall short of their promises.

The people’s demands are simple.  They want leaner, more efficient government that costs less and is business friendly.  They want an education system that works, offers choice, and is accountable to parents and students.  They want to see our state’s abundant natural resources used wisely, but not wasted or harmed.  Republicans have gotten what they asked for, but woe to them if they do not deliver.