Since the 1 st the authorities have been cracking back on taxi drivers refusing to pick up passengers. Previously, they’d have just received a warning, but beginning this month, refusing to pick up passengers is now 1 of 13 traffic infractions that can get a motorist an immediate fine (see here). Should this happen to you personally, you can get in touch with the Land Transport Department Hotline on 1584. You should take record of the license plate (see above image) as well as the time and location of the incident.

Also, they propose taking a picture, but I’d advise caution doing this. For doing this, taxi drivers are known to assault passengers. An option number is 1197 which is the hotline for traffic cops. In line with The State, the LTD received 60 complaints from passengers in the past three days. There was additionally 11 criticisms of taxi drivers.

Taxi drivers have various reasons for not picking up passengers. Also, you need to try, and a number are valid and be sympathetic. Taxi drivers frequently rent the vehicles, and they should return them at the end of their shift punctually. If you would like them to go the incorrect way close to the end of their shift, it isn’t rational. The Bangkok Post here is their listing of the very common reasons for refusing a fare given by taxi drivers and did some analysis on Thai newsgroups:

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1. “I’ve to return the taxi to the garage” is undoubtedly the most frequently encountered reason people come across. A lot of people have pointed out that a taxi driver who’s no longer supplying service on such day should switch their “empty” sign off so that folks don’t squander their time and can try to find other taxis.
2. The auto wants to refuel”.
3. His mind midway shifts and drops away from the passenger, asserting the traffic is too awful to go through. A lot of folks pointed out that traffic congestion in the city is standard and in the event, the motorist would like to prevent traffic jams they ought to stop driving in the city entirely.
4. Cabs parked in front of malls and bus terminals are particular of their passengers, and often maintain they don’t make any money for the excursion and the destination is too close. These motorists are often mafia- regular taxis and types are endangered don’t to get in the queue.

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5. The excursion is too much, and you must pay additional”. Many cab drivers are attempting to make additional money force passengers to pay more about the standard meter fare. Requiring more money is, also, unlawful, though they don’t refuse service. These demands in many cases are made to passengers going at night striving to get home, or individuals that are in a rush. Pay and passengers are often made to oblige.
6. Cabs that just accept foreigners as passengers. These sorts of taxi Bangkok are found near tourist areas. Many charge an excessive fare and don’t turn on their meters. Then some individuals turn on their meter but drive about town before reaching the destination, usually close by, to boost the fare on the meter for visitors that aren’t knowledgeable about the roads and streets.
7. Some only park on the right or left the side of the street waving passengers with no explanation off. Netizens said these individuals are “loaded enough, and they don’t need to woo passengers to earn a living.”

Speaking personally, I’ve seldom had an issue with taxi Bangkok. The bulk has turned on the meter without me asking and have been courteous. There’s typically half a dozen following behind, although I’ve had some refuse to take me to a destination as a result of traffic jams. It’s not the end of the world.

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