Here’s a great new offer from Courier Point about sending packages, alongside a few extremely useful suggestions.

Shipping worldwide can be a really intimidating and, in the event you don’t understand what you’re doing, pricey encounter. There’s no need to stress as sending packages all over the world isn’t as frightening as it appears expensive or –. International Shipping Specialists courier point have put together this guide to saving money when sending parcels to Germany to assist you in taking advantage of your cash.


  • Customs Duties (And What You’re Not Paying)

There ’s some great news. As Germany and the UK are part of the European Union, shipping between both states isn’t subject to duties and taxes as a piece of the EU’s dedication to free movement of products and services. That means that there’s nothing additional to pay when you send between these states, unlike when you’re sending for example between the EU and America.

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  • What’s How Can I Prevent Paying Extra For It And Volumetric Weight?

You must let your carrier just how large the bundle you’re sending is and how much it weighs when you’re reserving your transportation alternative of an alternative. This is actually the advice they are going to utilize to provide you with a quotation, but what you may not realize is that when you give them that advice, you’re really giving two different weights to them.

The other is something different completely – the volumetric weight, although the foremost is the one which you weight out for yourself. This really is computed by working out the volume of your package, and what they’d expect a package of that volume to weight. Your estimate is subsequently based on which of the two is higher – volumetric or standard weight.

To avert being charged extra for your volumetric weight, ensure your carton isn’t totally oversize. We propose your carton makes two along with a half inches of space around the contents for packaging stuff – we don’t propose having enormous packages for small-scale contents though, as that will only cost you more, and that’s the reason why great, tight packaging is preferable to the type of excessive boxing that you simply see some online retailers choose for.

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  • You Break It, You Pay For It

One excellent way to spare money will be to ensure that whatever you’re sending makes it to its destination in one piece. The greatest means to make sure this occurs is by correctly packaging your goods. We’ve got a couple rules of thumb to help ensure the contents of your bundle are safe and snug:

1. Purchase a fresh, double corrugated carton – cartons that are old, even should they appear in good shape, can hide weaknesses which could damage the contents
2. Wrap your contents up nicely in bubble wrap or a similar substance that is protective
3. Freeze your things in about two and a half inches of packaging stuff – the walls of your carton should be touching
4. Tape the carton up! Be certain that you simply strengthen the corners of your carton – the poorest points – by recording all of the seams in a Union Flag contour and seal the top.


  • Right Here, Right Now

Worth waiting a couple more days to ensure the cost is right, occasionally it’s. Transportation within the EU is generally a rapid procedure, so the market choice just takes two or three additional days to get there and will probably really be much more economical in case your package doesn’t must be there by tomorrow. It’s definitely an alternative worth considering, although it may seem like a no-brainer.


  • Get the Most Affordable Quote

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